Patterson's Sausage Gravy  
          Patterson's Chipped Beef Gravy

About Us

More than twenty years ago Bost Distributing Company, Inc. was founded with the purchase of Patterson's Packing Company located in Sanford, NC.  Maintaining Sanford as corporate headquarters, the new company was established as a manufacturer and marketer of consumer plus institutional food products.  Patterson's Hot Dog Chili had become well known throughout the region as a premium quality product.  Additional Patterson's branded products have been developed including Patterson's Sausage Gravy, Patterson's Chipped Beef & Gravy,  and recently Patterson's Barbecue Pork and Patterson's Barbecue Beef.  Patterson's Sausage Gravy was the first canned sausage gravy produced for grocery retail distribution. Each Patterson's product recipe is unique to Bost Distributing Company, Inc.
ver the years the Rose brand of canned meats, Beverly canned bulk sausage, and Harold Food Company have been added to Bost Distributing Company, Inc. Rose canned meats include Vienna sausage, beef tripe, potted meat, and pork brains. Harold Food offers a wide variety of premium fresh salads such as pimento cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, ham salad, egg salad, and cole slaw. Chirpy's Barbecue Company is also a Bost Distributing Company, Inc. brand. The Chirpy's processing facility is well known for it's mustard and ketchup based sauces used to prepare   Chirpy's hand pulled pork barbecue with no added fillers.
In 2007 Bost Distributing Company, Inc. purchased several brands from Bumble Bee Food. These brands have been added to the Bost Distributing Company, Inc. brand portfolio . . . Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick  Stew, Hilton's Oyster Stew, and Harris She ~ Crab Soup. The Bost brands are manufactured in Sanford, North Carolina with the continued emphasis on providing consumers premium quality and value.